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Assistant Professor
Y6422 Yeung Kin Man Bldg

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Guest Lecture, School of Design, PolyU HK

Guest Lecture, CS, William & Mary (virtual)

Workshop organizing: Designing for and Reflecting Upon Resilience in Health and Wellbeing, DIS 2023, Pittsburgh, USA.

I'm a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher, currently an assistant professor appointed by the Department of Computer Science at City University of Hong Kong.

My primary research seeks to enhance individuals' everyday health and well-being through unlocking the potential of ubiquitous computing technologies. I build multimodal systems (e.g., touch and speech interfaces) to support self-tracking, design interventions to encourage health behaviors, and explore opportunities for utilizing personal data in clinical contexts. My work encompasses all the phases of human-centered design, including collecting empirical understandings of humans, developing interactive systems, and understanding how people use these systems in real-world settings.

[Curriculum Vitae][Google Scholar]

Prospective students and research assistants: please checkout details in the students page.

Active Projects

Multimodal personal data capture: [iss22-notewordy-luo][dis21-foodscrap-luo][chi20-tandemtrack-luo]
Patient-provider data sharing: [chi19-codesign-luo][jmir20-literacy-luo]
Persuasive conversational agent: [cui23-ea-li][chi20-tandemtrack-luo]
Productivity and distraction: [cui23-ea-li][chi18-T4B-luo]

Education and Employment

2022   Ph.D. in Information Studies, University of Maryland, MD, USA [Disseration advised by Dr. Eun Kyoung Choe]
2017   Master in Information Science and Technology, Penn State, PA, USA
2015   BEng in Computer Science, Southeast University, China

2020   UX Researcher Intern, Meta (People Enigneering), CA, USA
2019   UX Researcher Intern, Google (Android Developer Platform), CA, USA


Publication Co-Chair: ACM DIS 2023—2024
Associated Chair (AC) in Program Committee: CHI 2023—2024, CSCW 2023, CHI 2019 LBW
Recognition of Excellent Reviews: CHI 2024, CHI 2023 (* 2), IMWUT 2022, CSCW 2022, CHI 2022, CHI 2021