Current Students

Ph.D. Student: Minhui Liang (Fall 2023—)
Research Assistant: Zhuoyang Li (Fall 2023—)

Master Students:
Yichen Wan, PolyU HK Design, research intern (Summer 2023)

Undergraduate Students:
Chenhao Hong, CityU CS, Student helper (Spring 2023—)
Shannon Santosa Sie, CityU CS, Student helper (Spring 2023—Summer 2023)
Trung Hai Le, CityU CS, Student helper (Fall 2022—Summer 2023)

Students Recruitment

To inquiry about potential advising/collaboration opportunities, please send an email with the following information. Although I may not reply to all the emails, I will certainly read them. But if you send me an email without reading the text, you are not likely to receive my reply.

1. English: You should be able to communicate fluently in both spoken and written English.

2. Reading: Skim the list of active projects in the home page. Find a topic that looks interesting, checkout my published papers under the topic, and pick one to read it through. If you're still interested, send me an email with your CV and briefly explain what you learned from that paper (use your own words - don't just simply summarize the paper) and we can start a conversation from there.

3. Skillsets: Provide an overview of what you can do. Typically, my research involves developing computing systems, which requires programming skills, but I'm also happy to work with students from diverse backgrounds to conduct interdisplinary research. Here are some skills relevant to my research:
- Web/mobile development with the state-of-the-art frameworks (e.g, Node.js)
- Working with large language models (LLMs)
- Working with embedded sensors (e.g., motion / proximity sensor)
- Human subjects research (e.g., user interviews, observations, surveys, usability testing)
- Quantitative (e.g., statistics) or qualitative (e.g., thematic analysis) data analysis
Additionally, you are welcome to share a project (e.g., a paper/report, code sample, design artifact) involving the above skills (be specific about your contributions).

4. For Ph.D. applicants: While prior experience of working with me is not required, it's preferred if you start with a small project under my supervision. This helps us get to know about each other and decide whether we want to keep working together in the long run. So, I encourage you to contact me before the application deadline (~6 months) with an email titled "HCI PhD Applicant - [Your Name]" and be prepared to share what you think HCI is and why you are interested in this subject during our first meeting.

5. For non-Ph.D. applicants: Title your email "HCI Research Assistant - [Your Name]" and explain the following:
- Why are you interested in HCI?
- What kinds of support do you need from me (e.g., undergrad/master thesis advisor, just want to learn about HCI research)?
- How much time can you commit to research each week? (please be honest)

Based on your interests and skillsets, I will invite you to join one of my existing projects. Of course, you're welcome to bring up your own ideas. All the Ph.D. applicants must complete the formal application procedure at CityU. While RAShip is available, I highly encourage you to check out the scholarship opportunities: Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship and CityU Presidential Ph.D. Scholarship.

*For those who work with me on a project before I make an official Ph.D./RA offer: Typically, I'll let you know whether I wish to continue our collaboration after 4—5 meetings. Also, I encourage you to actively share your thoughts and feedback throughout this process. If things go well and you are currently in Hong Kong, we can proceed with a part-time RA/student helper contract. If you are outside Hong Kong, a paid contract may not be available due to visa constraints; therefore, it will be your decision regarding whether to participate in the project. In the case where your involvement in the project leads to a research paper, your name will be included as a co-author or in the acknowledegment section, depending on your contributions (refer to the ACM Policy on Authorship).

About City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong is a public research university located at the heart of Kowloon, Hong Kong. As a young university established in 1994, CityU has been recognized as one of the leading universities in Asia. The department of computer science has BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. programs, and offers a variety of courses and research opportunities. More information can be found here.